User Experience Master Share 100 UX Design Tips! So Great! #1

User Experience Design (UXD or UX) in web design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction with websites. Here at Intechnic, we’ve been studying and applying the best user experience principles in our work.

Earlier this year I became the 9th person in the world to earn the prestigious Master of UX Certification from Nielsen Norman Group – the world’s authority on UX design. I would like to share some of the best practices I’ve acquired over the years (including Top Symptoms of Poor UX and Top UX Statistics). Here is my list of 100 Top UX Practices every web designer should follow:


1. Think of the website as a yellow brick road: move users seamlessly from one section to the next by understanding user personas’ goals and needs

2. Users are more likely to notice items near the top of the page, in order of their importance

3. Consistent and easy-to-use web interfaces help users concentrate on the content and move through it

4. Avoid creating dead end pages on websites. They cause confusion and create additional work for users

5. Use common website patterns and interfaces; don’t make users learn something new


6. Users will scroll down the webpage as long as it is clear that additional, relevant information is below the fold

7. Your website should always provide a strong visual indication of the direction of scrolling and whether more content is available

8. The longer the website page, the less likely someone is to scroll down to the bottom

9. Running webpages are nice because scrolling is faster than clicking – just don’t make the pages too long

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