With UX website design, it can help your website increase usage and access opportunities to customers, which can facilitate your business development as a whole.

Huti Group supports in designingbusiness websites for introducing company, selling products as well asservices, and web apps. They are the best choice for SEO, business and searching information, which can easily impress users.


Develop step by step, bring effectiveness for each stage


From the starting point to the end of the process

Step 1: Discuss about the Corporate Identity Program (CIP) in one day

It inludes:

  • Font family – font weight – font size
  • Color: 4 main tones, depth and brightness of colors
  • Typography
  • Flow & menu
  • Functions of the website
  • UX per page (paper design & section demo)
  • Shape & Abstract
  • The appearance effect
  • Loading page
Step 2: Update the progress in 3 days

After we have finalized the components of the design, proceed with the approval of the image design layout. AI design with app & pc interface. With customers, edit the source code in a consistent and consistent manner.

Step 3: Buide code and run web in 7 days

View the website in real time, directly view the website continuously to check the progress. Update project progress

Step 4: Test , fix bug and update content in 7 days

After the coding is completed, the customer and the testing huti team will test the website on both pc and app. Quick error handling to complete website procedures

Step 5: Give the product to customers, share the usage and other support
  • Double check against the check lists discussed earlier.
  • Packing source code, content repository and proposal to send customers to use.
  • Continuous after-sales support.
  • Take a video of how to use it


Free experience, great development

9.000.000 Vnđ
5.900.000 Vnđ
Introduce the company
Optimize users’ experience
Customize content easily
Secure well and upgrade continuously
Booking Demo
14.000.000 Vnđ
7.900.000 Vnđ
Sell products and services
Optimize access
Optimize customers’ experience for each page
Customize mobile layout easily
Booking Demo
Customize mobile layout easily
Optimize compant managemnet
Optimize compant managemnet
Mange system/ fix
Booking Demo


Free experience, great development

9.000.000 Vnđ
2.900.000 Vnđ
Standard design layout
Landipage with high speed
Support with the content continously
A lot of functions and effects
Đặt ngay Demo
14.000.000 Vnđ
4.900.000 Vnđ
Unique web layout
Standard UX design
Give customers the source code for cloning purpose
Web design effect and special functions
Đặt ngay Demo
Liên hệ
Giá liên hệ
Consult the strategies for landing
Support in advertisement settings
Optimize strategies for digital marketing
Manage the whole campain
Đặt ngay Demo


From the starting point to the end of the process

How much will I pay for a website?

For the first time, you pay for new website design and hosting/domain fees (see the price table above). You also pay extra money for the next years to expand the hosting/domain use time with 1.500.000 per year.

What's the difference between a landing page and a website package?

Landingpage package: the page without internal links. It is used for running instant advertising campaigns only. Landingpage can help customner to collect forms, lead customers and use for other short-term communication activities

Website package: used for advertising, introducing information about the company’s products and services or even serving multiple purposes and functions such as: ordering products, content management,order management….and other functions that a landing page cannot perform.